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10-Minute Test - Words Per Minute Speed Test For Typing Jobs

10-minute test-for typing jobs

It is ironic when people say computers have taken away typing jobs. If you want to have an idea of the employment chances of a typist, just google ‘Typing jobs’ and see the result. 


When I tried that, about 8,340,000 results showed up, worldwide! When I tried to narrow it down to local typing jobs, the result was an impressively large six-digit number.


Certainly doesn’t seem like computers have taken away typing jobs, does it? Everyone aspiring for a job that uses computers should take the typing words per minute speed test and add the score to their resume.

10 Minute WPM Test

In a10-minute typing test, the most challenging part can be to keep your focus. Pace yourself - bursts of speed are great, but they won't make up for the periods where you aren't giving your full attention to the test. 


When you start to lose focus, type as fast as possible for 20-30 seconds. This will help you get back in the zone, and then you can go back to your normal pace.

Jobs that need speed typing skills

Several careers solely depend on your typing ability. Secretaries and Receptionists need to be fast typists. 


In a words-per-minute speed test, they would clock between 70-80 words per minute. 


All Legal and Administrative assistants have very good typing speeds. Similarly, Legal and Medical transcriptionists are fast typists. 


Computer Programmers and Data entry operators have a high wpm requirement. 


Aside from these jobs, almost all administrative and clerical jobs in the public and private sectors use computers too. 


If your keyboarding skills are good, you can easily find employment in technology-based workspaces.


Even in creative jobs such as audio production, music videos, and graphics design, your typewriting skills matter.


Average salaries of people with speed typing jobs

Although difficult to generalize, speed typists and Word processors can expect to earn between $25000 and $34000 annually. The hourly pay is about $12/hour


This figure can vary vastly depending on years of experience, job title, and skill. 


According to research conducted by Pay Scale human capital in the United States, more than half of the typists have a medical plan and almost two-fifths get dental insurance. 


Typists also reported that they had job satisfaction. If you are considering a typing job and want to learn typing, it is never too late to log on to Word Per Minute Now and master speed typing.


Learning touch typing and speed typing in simple steps

Once you have decided to learn typing, the going gets smooth. This website is created with a beginner typist in mind but caters to the rigor of intermediate as well as expert typists. 


The real emphasis is on methodical practice. Starting with the introduction to the Home row, there are 144 practice lessons. 


Though it sounds rather intimidating at first, the lessons are well-paced and offer ample practice for the student. 


By the end of the session, the student will be able to do touch typing of all the keys on the keyboard with fingers on both hands with practiced ease. He is ready to take on the words per minute speed test.

How to effectively practice for words per minute speed test

When you have breezed through all 144 practice lessons you will want to check your typing speed with the words per minute speed test. You can do this in many ways.


Typing speed test has a choice of texts you can choose from. Set the timer to one minute and type away! 


Your typing speed in words per minute is calculated and the errors are counted. Repeat the test with other texts.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I put typing speed on a resume?

It's a good idea to include your typing speed in the skills section of your resume, especially if you're looking for jobs that require a lot of computer time. Printing a typing certificate is also a great way to celebrate student growth at the end of a school year!


2. Do typing jobs pay well?

A Typist in your area makes on average $19 per hour or $0.50 (3%) more than the national average hourly salary of $18.73.


3. Which online typing job is best?

Top 10 Online Typing Jobs You Can Do From Home

1. Data entry.

2. Transcription.

3. Freelance writing.

4. Online chat jobs.

5. Captioning.

6. Translation.

7. Editor.

8. Copywriting.

4. Is fast typing a soft skill?

For example, a hard skill would be typing. No one is born with the instinct to type. Rather, it has to be learned over time, usually through some type of schooling or education. Soft skills are more interpersonal than technical


5. What makes a fast typist?

Learn to type without looking at your fingers; your motor system will automatically pick up very fast ''trills'' for frequently occurring letter combinations (“the”), which will speed up your typing. Being able to look at the screen while typing also allows you to quickly detect mistakes.



Here is the importance of typing jobs as well as the value of your typing speed. If you are looking to enhance your typing speed for typing jobs, you can learn here to boost your typing speed and about typing jobs.